Stallion Enterprises offers a variety of financing options for businesses to grow, pivot or restructure. Financing terms are flexible and personalized for your business. All financing arrangements include sessions with a business advisor to maximize the impact of funds towards your goals.

Debt Financing

Are you looking for extra capital, but don’t want to give up a part of your business for it? Taking on a loan from Stallion Enterprises is the answer. When other lenders aren’t willing to work with you, we take an in-depth look at your business to understand how you operate and what your next steps are, so that you have the money you need now, and a payback schedule that works for your future, not the bank’s.

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Royalty Financing

Royalties are a great alternative to debt repayment because you pay a portion of each sale to the lender – meaning you only have to repay when you get paid. This structure aligns better to the true cashflows of your business and reduces your risk as a business owner – leading to more successful investments, and a stronger business.

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Minority Investment

Don’t want to take on debt? Stallion Enterprises partners with companies to take minority ownership of businesses that we can help grow. You stay in charge, but with our support – and with our capital to enable you. You’ll have input from experts, to achieve your goals, and work with you long-term. We also support transition plans for successors, inheritors, or buyers, should you decide to retire or focus on other aspects of your life.

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